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📥 Unlocking a 57% Open Rate: The Welcome Email That Subscribers Can't Resist

Learn the exact B2B marketing examples used to unlock a 57% open rate newsletter and the sales of the first human elevator.

Hi everyone 🤝 

This is Cameron from The Growth Archive📥

Every week, I highlight my favourite marketing case studies, interviews, and examples that showcase real-world B2B growth marketing strategies you can use in your business right away.

Today’s Issue 📰

Today, I’ve lined up 2 real-world B2B marketing examples that I’ve added to The Growth Archive.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • 1 simple welcome message trick to get your email marketing open rates to 57%

  • How Otis’s shocking event sold the first human elevators

Let’s jump right into the examples of the week.

Nothing Attracts The Crowd Like A Crowd 👯

Otis Event At The Crystal Palace Exhibition

In 1854, at the Crystal Palace Exhibition,

P.T. Barnum, a famous showman, stood high up on an elevator platform.

The crowd was drawn in, curious to see what would happen.

The crowd grew bigger and bigger, all watching closely.

Suddenly, someone cut the rope of the elevator Barnum was standing on.

The elevator started to fall.

Everyone screamed.

But then something incredible happened.

A safety brake stopped the elevator from falling almost immediately.

The crowd was relieved.

P.T. Barnum calmly told everyone,

"All safe, gentlemen, all safe."

This exciting show sparked the sale of 27 elevators.

And the beginning of the biggest elevator wholesaler we know today.


Over the next generation, sky-scraping buildings with elevators began to rise all over the world.

They now move 2 billion people a day and maintain 2.2 million customer units worldwide.

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The Secret Gift To A 57% Open Rate 🎁

I was going through welcome emails from various newsletters I'd subscribed to.

One caught my eye..

Why We Buy (58,691 Subscribers)

Rather than the standard request for a reply and moving the newsletter to your primary inbox,

Like this newsletter here..

People are way too lazy to find and share content.

There's a better way to get them to follow your instructions.

A ‘special gift’.

Consider Katelyn's approach with her 'Why We Buy' newsletter.

She doesn't promise you anything when you sign up.

But after you join,

You will receive a welcome email, which piques your interest by revealing the offer of a 'special gift' should you follow her provided instructions.

This hint of a valuable gift made me instantly follow her instructions out of curiosity and anticipation of what it might be.

If you have some experience with email marketing, you know that getting people to reply to your welcome email is your #1 priority.

It stops your newsletter from hitting their spam and promotions folders.

This will significantly boost your open rate and click-through rate for the lifetime of your new subscribers.

Katelyn says that she has a 57% open rate using this gift strategy.

And it's not just about numbers.

It creates a memorable welcome.

And it lays the foundation for a lasting relationship with your new subscribers.

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