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Todays Issue 📰

Today, I’ve lined up 1 quickfire interview and 1 example that I’ve added to The Growth Archive.

Join us for a quickfire chat with Cas Van Oort, the brains behind Jobleads, an AI tool transforming job lead generation for HR teams and recruitment agencies.

Our example spotlights a research strategy that you can use to create a blog post that speaks directly to your ideal buyer personas, ensuring your message hits home.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • The lead generation tactics Jobleads used to achieve a remarkable $12,000 MRR

  • How to turn unfiltered Reddit discussions into compelling blog posts that capture the right attention

Let’s jump right into the example of the week.

Example Of The Week 🪙

Creating compelling blog posts that resonate deeply with your ideal buyer persona is a challenging task.

The key to creating compelling content?


However, direct feedback from surveys or interviews may not always give you the full picture, as responses can be filtered according to what they want you to hear.

That's where a place like Reddit can be a gold mine.

Reddit is full of unfiltered talk from people.

It's these honest chats that are like nuggets of gold for your blog.

Here’s the exact 3-step research strategy you can use to create your most powerful blog post yet:

Step 1: Finding Treasure In The Right Places On Reddit

Identify the relevant subreddits where your target audience is actively engaged.

Imagine, for instance, that you're planning to write a blog post for an email marketing agency aiming to assist B2B companies in acquiring their leads through email nurturing instead of PPC advertising.

Here’s how to begin:

1.1) Create a new audience

Gummysearch audiences

1.2) Add active subreddits that are buzzing with business owners in your niche.

Gummysearch marketing auidences

1.3) Find a recent long-form post with 10+ comments

Gummysearch marketing topics

Step 2: Uncover The Golden Nuggets

Dig through these comments and posts for the following key details:


  • They mention that they get few conversions, and when they do receive them, they’re either junk, spam, not qualified, or under the $25K project budget.

  • They wasted 12 months testing landing pages and came up with poor results.


  • They spent hours searching previous Reddit posts to answer some of their issues, but were unsuccessful.


  • Someone who understands the current pains of their PPC campaigns

  • A lead generation solution that generates high-quality conversations and clients

Don't stop there.

Look at 3 more Reddit posts and their comments.

Find anything new?

Add that to the POD.

These details are the 'gold nuggets' that will make creating your blog post a whole lot easier.

Step 3: Create your blog post

Now take the insights and keywords you've gathered to structure your blog.

For example, your title can be "Why Email Marketing Beats PPC for Getting B2B Leads."

Now design the content of your post so that it resonates with what you added to the POD above.

Utilise the exact language used in the POD to demonstrate a deep understanding of their needs, showing that you not only hear them but also possess the solutions they need.

This approach builds trust and nurtures them towards taking action on the dream solution your service offers.

This Week's Quickfire Interview📈

Jobleads helps HR and recruitment agencies get updated job leads with relevant contact information within 30 minutes of the position being available.

Project Launched: January 2023
Founders: Cas Van Oort , Ruben Strootman
MRR: $12,000 MRR (Updated November 2, 2023)
First Customer: It took about 2 months, which was through Joblead's founder's existing network.

How did you come up with the idea of Jobleads?

“I've been doing the service of Jobleads for a while for recruitment firms: Scrape job postings in their niche, filter the jobs, enrich the postings, and send as a CSV to recruitment clients so they know who to focus on.

The issue was that filtering the leads took lots of time, and for the client, you'd rather know the instant a job came out, not 5 days later.”

How did Jobleads get its first profitable customers?

“I shared it with my network and then appeared as a guest on an Instantly podcast, which was awesome. It gave me a couple of new clients..”

Who is Joblead’s ideal customer, and how do you acquire them?

“Joblead's ideal customer are midsize recruitment firms who are taking on new clients or are breaking into new niches. They have most likely tried to build a scraper before, have a VA doing the work now, or have their own system running.

We also see companies that have wanted to have a service do this for long, but they just didn't find a solution yet.”

What have you struggled with when building JobLeads so far?

“What I've struggled with is that building software when you don't know how to code is a lot more time and money intensive than I thought when I began.

Because I had no formal investors, the tool was subpar to say the least, and only recently I feel like the tool lives up to its potential. It meant we had a lot of churn early on, which gave me a lot of stress.”

What gives Jobleads that unfair advantage over new entrants into the market?

"We are experienced recruiters ourselves, so we know what they need.”

What is your main growth strategy for Jobleads going forward?

“Going on podcasts and writing blog posts. Ensuring that possible clients see me all day, every day.

We will also start a paid strategy soon to boost our sales.”

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