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Create a product that sells itself for free

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Hi everyone.

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If you forgot, every week, I curate real-world B2B marketing examples you can use in your business right away.

Today, I’ve added 3 real-world marketing examples to The Growth Archive that you can use to accelerate your B2B’s growth.

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Now let’s jump right into the examples for this week…

🪧 Create a Product That Sells Itself for Free

Mokkup is a wireframing tool that lets you create a clean visual dashboard to showcase your data.

3,500 Upvotes & 1,200 Comments

So, instead of spammy ads, Mokkup can subtly integrate its branded charts + casual mentions in the right subreddits, avoiding the hard sell that Redditors hate.

By targeting subreddits like r/dataisbeautiful and r/visualization, Mokkup found the perfect audience for their graphs, with five posts with over 13,000 upvotes and 10 million views.

This has resulted in over 100 to 150 monthly organic conversions from Reddit.

🏃‍♂️ Create Motivational Loading Pages like GoDaddy

While using GoDaddy to search for a domain,

They use these visual loading cues to motivate and inspire by reminding you that the domain you are searching for can help you achieve great things.

This strategic encouragement boosts your enthusiasm and positively shapes your perception of the domain, helping you make that final purchase decision.

🎊 Add Confetti to Your Success Page like Zapier

When you sign up for a paid subscription on Zapier, a confirmation pop-up celebrates with you by showering you with confetti, and even their logo joins in with a dance.

This festive touch cleverly shifts your focus from the cost to a more positive and memorable moment.

Though it may seem minor, these small, enjoyable interactions significantly shape our overall perception of a service.

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