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The best cold email examples

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If you forgot, every week, I curate real-world B2B marketing examples you can immediately steal for your business.

Today, I’ve added 4 real-world marketing examples to The Growth Archive that you can use to accelerate your B2B’s growth.

This week's theme is ‘cold email.’

I’ve spent the last week joining many cold email communities, courses and scouting how people say they use cold email effectively on Twitter, and here are some of the interesting examples I’ve found this week.

🎙️ Get Well-Known Figures on Your Podcast With Cold Email

1/ Here’s How Danny Got Steven Pressfield on His Podcast

I dig this email. Especially the last paragraph.

Sometimes, podcast Invites can be overly professional. Try to adapt your email to the personality of your target audience like this:

Danny said his best outreach messages have come from gradually creating less "formalized" messages.

The Outcome?

He secured a 1hr 30 min podcast episode here 👇

2/ How Nik Got Mark Cuban on The Morning Brew Podcast

Nik includes all the necessary ingredients in this short email without added fluff:

Everything is in the email, so you won’t need to click out to do your own research.

The Outcome?

This booked him a 50 min podcast with Mark Cuban 👇

Looking to book targeted podcast appearances?

Hire a cold email specialist for 80% less through outforce.xyz, and I will help automate your outreach strategy to get you at least 5 podcasts booked in the next 90 days.

Cameron Scully

👥 How to Get Your First ‘Cold Email as a Service’ Client

1/ Reach out to help with cold email campaigns for free using a template like this:

(Example taken from coldemail.studio, that hit $10k MRR within 3 months without prior cold email experience!)

2/ Spend 3 months helping 5-7 businesses with targeted email campaigns.

3/ Add these case studies to your site.

4/ Now, create cold emails around your case studies success.

🧾How I’ve Been Growing This Week

This week has been about Cold email and building my new project system with Airtable.

📈 Coach Kroeze - Airtable initially was pretty complex for me, as I was unfamiliar with the platform and its automation possibilities. I found this YouTube channel called Coach Kroeze, and I’ve been addicted to all his template videos ever since.

So far, I’ve already implemented his goals and to-do list interface, and I’m currently building out his Project planning & delegation system. (Link)

🫙Cold Email Copy- I’ve been working on new strategies to grow other businesses with my B2B Growth Assistants. One strategy is connecting Podcasts with agency owners as a service, as there’s a lot of generic outreach with little research.

7-Figure agencies always try to get on as many podcasts as possible to get their name out there. (Link)

🧙Cold Email Wizard - I've followed this account for some time. They recently introduced a course and community aimed at helping agency owners grow their businesses. The monthly subscription fee was appealing as it's not an expensive one-time payment.

I learned a lot from discussions with agency owners in the group and the proper setup to warm your emails and send 1000s of targeted cold emails a day. (Link)

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