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Use a billboard to steal a businesses attention

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Today, I’ve lined up 2 real-world marketing examples that I’ve added to The Growth Archive that you can use to accelerate your B2B’s growth.

Let’s jump right into it…

🪧 Use a Billboard to Capture a Businesses Attention on Twitter

The other day, I saw a tweet from Wefunder on Twitter. They used a Times Square billboard to announce a video that asked Beehiiv if they could allow their community to invest alongside VCs.

This video is a compilation of comments made by members of the Beehiiv community who back the platform and want to invest in it.

By incorporating this ‘community attention’ video with a billboard, they amplify what Beehiiv’s community says in their own brand colors and therefore make it more visually striking than a standard post.

This ‘expensive surprise’ guarantees a public response from Beehiiv.

The value of this ad also lies in its perceived investment. If WeFunder invests heavily in a billboard campaign, it’s assumed they must be successful or credible in this sort of service.

They don’t need to say they are the ‘solution’.

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👁️ Create ‘Visual’ Twitter Comments and Posts

Do you want to get noticed by top creators in your niche from viral Twitter posts like Sahil Bloom’s one here?

Start creating visual posts like PJ Milani

And then Instead of posting useless comments like this

You can now repurpose your post with ‘visual’ responses

Then you might get Titan creators like Justin Welsh and Steven Bartlett sharing your visuals too

If you enjoyed this visual tweet strategy, you could join this course to learn how to make these sorts of designs yourself and get templates you can use, too 👇

🧾How I’ve Been Growing This Week

This week has been about learning about visual content, continuing to build connections, and getting some interviews out there.

📈 Content Idea - My post was inspired by reading The Steal Club's content about Janis's visual designs. I got in touch with Janis and bought his course to help me get better at designing, which is what I'm doing right now. This is how I came across PJ and created this fresh example of how he uses his designs for comments. (Link)

🫙Fake Mayo - In my upcoming interview with Jakob, I'll discuss how I use networking, Reddit comments, Refind, and shareable content to grow my newsletter. If you would like to receive it on Tuesday, subscribe to Fake Mayo to get it. (Link)

I’ve also been tempted to take Patt Walls’s ‘The Lean SEO’ course and build out my backlinks, but that’s for another week.

👤 Growth Marketing Talent of The Week

Following up on the visual theme today, Meet Skye, a recent graphic design graduate from my home country, South Africa, who is ready to create visual content as I described for your social media posts.

She has helped me design many projects and logos in the past.

She can also create some cool illustrations that can be integrated to tell your brand’s story as she did here.

If you are not looking for a design candidate, I can help integrate any other marketing roles while saving you up to 80% in salary costs.

📚101 Marketing Strategies Used By Successful Founders

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