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How to get 60k+ views per Reddit post

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Today, I’ve lined up 2 real-world marketing examples that I’ve added to The Growth Archive that you can use to accelerate your B2B’s growth.

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👥How I Generate 20-60K Targeted Views per Reddit Post

1/ Identify Key Subreddits

First, figure out the best subreddits where your target audience hangs out.

Here are 2 subreddits that have had the best results for my marketing case studies and examples so far:

I use Gummysearch (affiliate link) to identify which subreddits are trending so I can find opportunities to post content and comment in the right places, similar to how I use Reddit discussions to create blog posts.

2/ Catchy Titles Matter

80% of your success is in your post's title. I've seen big differences in how many people click based on the title alone, and If a post doesn’t hit 1000 views in the first hour, I usually delete it and try a new title the next day.

  • Your title needs to bring emotions/curiosity(Either including common/Influential names, $$MRR updates, or targeted experiences)

  • It is personalized for that specific community.

Constantly experiment with different titles. Think of yourself as the end user looking for content to read on Reddit.

2.1/ Story-Style Title

'John Deere’s 118-Year-Old Content Marketing Strategy'

Why does this have a viability factor?

  • Everyone knows John Deere.

  • 118-year-old content marketing sounds like a 'shock' factor.

  • 118 years old and still going means that the strategy has longevity.

2.2/ Guide-Style Title

'Here’s Why You Should Gamify Your SaaS Like ProdPad'

Why does this have a variability factor in R/SaaS?

  • The title is targeted specifically for the SaaS community.

  • 'Gamify' sounds like a unique topic that is not often discussed.

  • 'Here's why you should' potentially suggests that reading this might make the end user feel smarter.

2.3/ Case Study Style Title

‘How the First Human Elevator Got Its Early Sales’

  • Insight into the early origins of a widely used product.

  • Curiosity to see how it got its first sales.

3/ Preview Text

  • Your preview text needs to share the inputs and no signs of ‘self-promotion’ by adding external links to your product/website.

  • It needs to guide users to click and continue reading the entire post.

4/ Body Text

  • Use pictures to keep people interested. I like to include links in my images that subtly point to my website or social media.

    Example’s Of Soft-Promoting In Your Images

  • Reddit likes 'long-form' content, so prioritize detail content, but do not add 'fluff' to make it look longer. Every sentence should provide value.

  • Naturally, link to your site, ensuring it’s relevant to your writing. The easiest way to self-promote with a high upvote % is to link to your site’s blog ‘to find more content like this.’

Example Of A Value-Driven CTA

5/ Engagement

  • Respond to every comment you get, but save 2-3 comments to reply to in 3 hours.

  • When the upvotes and replies slow down, comment under these unchecked ones. This will keep the post ‘hot,’ and more people will find your post.

Over time, you will determine when the subreddit members are most active and optimize your post times accordingly. I usually post only when the R/entrepreneur has around 1000 active members.

📈Drive More Traffic to Specific Blog Posts Like Justin Welsh

Are you looking to drive more traffic to one of your blog posts?

Rotate your tweets monthly with a unique angle leading to the same ‘solution’ blog post.

E.g. Justin Welsh:

Tweet 1: Encouragement to learn to sell (March 20, 2024)
Tweet 2: Selling as problem-solving (Sep 7, 2023)
Tweet 3: Ingredients to selling yourself (Jan 10, 2023)

CTA: Leading to the same article, ‘How to Sell Yourself (Without Being Salesy).’

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🧾How I’ve Been Growing This Week

As a creator, I enjoy checking out similar newsletters around ‘real-world examples’ that showcase real-world examples to help expand my thinking around growth-related tasks. Here are 2 of my favorites:

📈 Creator Growth Examples -  The Steal Club is one of my favorite newsletters I follow. It’s similar to what I do here with real-world marketing examples but for creators only. (Link)

🖼️ B2B Ad Examples - I stumbled upon Adfolio through startups.fyi’s newsletter and it's been a game-changer. They dissect successful B2B ads, breaking down why they worked so well. (Link)

📚101 Marketing Strategies Used By Successful Founders

When I started my B2B ventures, I struggled to execute marketing strategies. I also wasn't sure how to measure results effectively to ensure I wasn't wasting time.

That's why I created 'The Growth Archive'. It's a project where I gather real-world marketing examples, case studies, and interviews that I find helpful for my business.

I discovered what works and doesn't by analyzing my competitors' interviews, case studies, and social media presence.

After spending thousands of hours researching and curating over 35 B2B marketing examples, interviews, and case studies, I've turned it all into the only step-by-step marketing template you need to manage the marketing side of your B2B with clarity from:

  1. When to execute a marketing strategy.

  2. How to execute a marketing strategy.

  3. Note-taking sections for each marketing strategy.

  4. Tips & Resources taken from successful founders.

Here's an example of one marketing strategy out of 101 unique strategy pages.

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