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Try this 'Inspired by' marketing strategy to accelerate your B2B's growth

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🕹️ Turning Danny Postma’s Tweet Into a Viral Project

While exploring Product Hunt, I discovered a launch featuring an SEO keyword tool with an animated upside-down dog as its profile picture.

So, I did what everyone else would do in this situation and clicked on the launch to explore further.

When I landed on the launch page, I was then greeted with a lot of unconventional marketing strategies, including:

  • Pink branding (Uncommon for an SEO tool).

  • There is a clear theme around Danny Postma, a well-known name in the Indiehackers space. This initially made me think that Danny had some involvement in the project, which added more credibility to the launch.

  • Two floating heads with speech bubbles, which increased my curiosity.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each slide.

Slide 1:

  • The H1 immediately sparks my interest by promising automated customer acquisition. Who doesn't want customers on auto-pilot?

  • And there it is again, the dog with a speech bubble, following the project’s consistent playful and engaging theme.

Slide 2:

Okay, now we are looking at Danny’s head.

  • Danny is quoting something we all thought about when following a business influencer: "Their MRR is only growing because they have a large audience already."

  • Then, they mention Danny’s viral SEO tweet, which shows how you can grow without a big audience. So, right now, it seems clear that Danny's influence played a significant role in inspiring this project.

Slide 3:

Oh, this is Danny’s dog?

  • It is then revealed that Danny’s tweet inspired this project’s creation, and the dog we see here is Danny’s dog. 🐶

  • Danny's dog then uses the opening sentence to announce, with a mix of confidence and a playful shock factor, that this tool is the solution Danny mentions to grow your project with "no existing audience" (the problem Danny quotes in Slide 2).

Now Let’s Look at Some Tweets About the Launch:

Product Hunt created a tweet briefly describing ‘Build The Keyword’s’ marketing masterclass after it became the day's top product.

And Danny himself took notice.

I also looked at the announcement made by one of the project's creators, @kattrisen, and the entire tweet is designed to grab attention and potentially go viral.

  • It has ‘inspired by’ engagement by claiming that Danny's "most liked" tweet was the model for this project's creation.

  • A puppy emoji and a screenshot of the pink website with Danny's dog.

Which resulted in over 15k views and 100+ likes.

This demonstrates that humor and taking creative risks can help your project stand out in a crowded space.

Plus, using the ‘Inspired by’ strategy is one of the best ways to start connecting with well-known influencers and generate credibility for your project.

 🧾 How I’ve Been Growing This Week

🥇 I Got Featured - I scored major visibility for my site/newsletter this week. I got added to four newsletters and directories, including a spot on Startups.fyi's front page and Tiny Startups.

So far, I've seen hundreds of new, engaged users checking out The Growth Archive daily from these sources.

📈 Viral Reddit Post - My repurposing strategy paid off again when I shared a piece I created about ProdPad on Reddit. It got over 76 upvotes and 25 comments and took just 5 minutes to make!

And It brought in over 19k views with 222 shares!

 📚 101 Marketing Strategies Used By Successful Founders

When I started my B2B ventures, I struggled to execute marketing strategies. I also wasn't sure how to measure results effectively to ensure I wasn't wasting time.

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