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Here are 2 real-world marketing examples you can use to accelerate your B2B's growth

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If you forgot, every week, I curate real-world B2B marketing examples you can use in your business right away.

Today, I’ve lined up 2 real-world marketing examples that I’ve added to The Growth Archive, that you can use to accelerate your B2B’s growth.

Let’s jump right into it…

🕹️ Gamify Your Free Trial Like Prod Pad

Data analysis on ProdPad’s users explained that using the standard 30-day trial period was too long, with most decisions happening within the first week.

So, they reduced the trial period to 7 days and conversions doubled..

However, some users still craved more time.

Instead of simply extending their trial, ProdPad got creative.

They gamified it.

Users could now earn extra trial days by engaging with the features on the platform:

  • Adding a Product? +1 day

  • Entering your Product vision? +2 days

  • Adding an initiative to your roadmap? +2 days

  • Adding a description to your roadmap? +2 days

ProdPad then has nudges throughout the app to keep you informed of your progress in real time.

This "win-win" approach skyrocketed results:

  • Trial-to-conversion time doubled again.

  • The overall conversion rate tripled again.

Beyond these impressive metrics, it increased valuable user feedback, which fueled continuous improvement.

🎭 Be Creative In Boring Areas

Usually when I see ‘release notes’, I automatically never look at them because of this:

Just a bunch of boring words everywhere..

And sometimes you are not even trying:

Meanwhile, Slack is probably one of the only few release notes, that makes me think ‘Yes, I will read this today’. (So did everyone else who uses Slack)

Not all of your users are super geeks, add some creativity to it.

Then maybe the cool kids will also stay updated.

 🧾 What I’ve Been Researching

1/ Hitting #1 On Product Hunt - I have been meaning to launch The Growth Archive on Product Hunt for a while now and after reviewing over 10 different guides on Product Hunt and consulting with numerous Makers, I've found that this comprehensive launch guide has everything you need to know for a successful Product Hunt launch.

- Support every launch daily and send a Linkedin request(15-20 people a day) to the maker, letting them know that you supported their launch.

- Note down their Linkedin profile and ‘supported launch’ in Google Sheets.

- Do this until you have a list of about 500+ different users.

- Contact each person on your list if they can support your launch, they will see that you supported them in the past and they will return the favor.

2/ Generate Valuable Insights From B2B Podcasts - I recently came across this tool while looking for a way to gather educated insights from industry experts rather than general conversations from forums.

With this tool, I can input a question and choose specific podcasts. It scans through all the episodes to generate answers, making it easy to find insights quickly and efficiently from podcasts I enjoy.

📚 101 Marketing Strategies Used By Successful Founders (Looking for feedback)

When I started my B2B ventures, I struggled to figure out the best marketing channels and how to use them effectively. I also wasn't sure how to measure results to ensure I wasn't wasting time.

That's why I created 'The Growth Archive.' It's a project where I gather real-world marketing examples, case studies, and interviews that I find useful for my business.

By analyzing my competitors' interviews, case studies, and social media presence, I learned what works and what doesn't. This helped me generate a lot of leads for my VA agency.

After spending thousands of hours researching and curating over 30 B2B marketing examples, interviews, and case studies, I've turned it all into the only step-by-step marketing template you need to manage the marketing side of your B2B with clarity from:

  1. When to execute a marketing strategy.

  2. How to execute a marketing strategy.

  3. Note-taking sections for each marketing strategy.

  4. Tips & Resources taken from successful founders.

Here's an example of what 1 marketing strategy template looks like out of 101 unique strategies:

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