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Discover 3 marketing examples, from an unusual Product Hunt strategy, how to add personality to your newsletter and Alex Hormozi's content repurposing strategy.

Hi everyone.

This is Cameron from The Growth Archive

After analyzing Stacked Marketers intros this week I figured out that my intros are boring and repetitive. So I’ll be working on making it unique and interesting every week.

If you forgot, every week, I highlight marketing case studies, interviews, and examples that showcase real-world B2B growth marketing strategies you can use in your business right away.

Today’s Examples📰

Today, I’ve lined up 3 real-world marketing examples that I’ve added to The Growth Archive to help optimize your B2B for growth.

What can you expect?

1. Launch Tips vs Actual Launch (A Product Hunt success story, but not how you’d expect)

2. Refining your newsletter list intro by adding some personality to it. (which Is what I was talking about in my intro)

3. How Alex Hormozi’s early growth came from content repurposing and distribution to bring inbound leads for your B2B (something I try to do every day, and believe me it just works)

Let’s jump right into it…

1/ Launch Tips VS Actual Launch: 🚀

This Product Hunt launch hit  #1 spot through a LinkedIn cold DM strategy, bringing in 1000 visitors to his website, Beep.

However, the real magic happened post-launch.

Recognizing the power of his achievement, Farid created a short and easy Product Hunt guide to follow and dropped it in relevant channels, like r/SaaS on Reddit.

Surprisingly, this 30-minute post brought in 1200 visitors, more than the actual launch which took 100's of hours to prepare for..

This proves that a powerful story is the product of the work you put in.

However, the launch isn't just a story to talk about, the #1 spot is also a credibility boost that sets the stage for future success in the eyes of users and investors.

Sometimes the story of your success steals the spotlight, turning your moments into a killer lead generation strategy.

2/ Your Newsletter Intro Puts Me To Sleep: 😴

If your newsletter kicks off with the standard 'Hey, Welcome back to X'(like mine did).

Spice things up and add some personality to it.

I've read every edition of Stacked Marketer for marketing news since November 2023, because of its memorable personality.

3/ Repurpose Your Content Like Our Pal Alex Hormozi: 🐻

Alex Hormozi started off his content journey, by posting 7 pieces per week for a year and his business was growing, but it wasn't giving him significant results like he wanted..

So he decided to test out  'content repurposing', by distributing 80 pieces per week and it sky-rocketed his growth.

Here is a breakdown of how many followers he gained according to the social media strategy talk he gave in December 2022:

- Twitter followers: 10,000 to 100,000

- Instagram followers: 70,000 to 350,000

- YouTube Subscribers:  70,000 to 300,000

- Web traffic: 0 to 90,000 net clicks per month

- Podcast:  20,000 to 400,000 monthly downloads.

Totalling an audience of over 1 million in just six months of using this new strategy.

It all starts with a simple Twitter post or thread. Instead of keeping notes private, Hormozi shares them directly on Twitter. By assessing the engagement of the tweet, he identifies the most engaging topics and repurposes them into short or long-form video content, and distributes it across YouTube and Instagram and other social media platforms.

For instance, take his viral tweet "Solve rich people’s problems. They pay better".

Recognizing it as one of his most successful tweets, Hormozi repurposed it into short video clips, gathering over 500k views combined.

The second clip actually originated from an interview snippet with Steven Bartlett on 'The Diary Of A CEO', which shows that he also repurposed this as content for Steven's podcast.

Expanding his reach further, he adapted the concept to 'how to sell to the rich', and distributed it across YouTube shorts and Instagram reels, maximizing its impact across diverse platforms.

Alex claims that this strategy helped catapult his company "Acquisition" from $7 million to $13 million per month and gets him 400 new companies applying every month.

Here are 2 more examples just to give you some clarity here:

What I’ve Been Testing/Researching📖

Knowing that Matt has one of the fastest-growing newsletters of all time, I had to try out this free course and you should check it out even if you have an established newsletter.

- Reply Guy 🗣️

I've recently been testing out Reply Guys' $10/m plan. It functions somewhat like an automated word-of-mouth campaign. Reply Guy can be configured to respond to various posts on Reddit and Twitter by providing value and integrating a call to action that links back to your website/service. (I think this has been more effective for Reddit, because users seem to trust anonymous responses there.)

We all know that a word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive B2B marketing sales. The quality of replies I get from this tool makes me raise questions in my mind about whether or not I have interacted with people on Reddit in the past.

Here’s an example of one of the comments..

101 Marketing Strategies That You Can Implement With Clarity (Looking for feedback) 📂

When I first started my B2B ventures. I struggled with clarity on what marketing channels to start with, how to use them effectively and how to measure results so I know I’m not wasting any time.

This led me to create this project ‘The Growth Archive’ where I curate every real-world marketing examples, case studies and interviews I find that are useful for my own business.

Only once I learned from analyzing my competitor’s interviews, case studies and social media presence, then I realized what worked and what didn’t work and I was able to generate tons of leads for my VA agency..

I’ve spent 1000s of hours researching and creating a gallery of 30+ B2B marketing examples, interviews, and case studies

Now I have turned this all into the only step-by-step marketing guide you can use to build a 7-figure business and beyond..

Here’s an example of what the strategies will look like for you..

  • For those who join now, I will be sending you 3 free strategies to give me feedback on before I launch the full 101 marketing strategies.

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