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Try out this unconventional pricing strategy that everyone is getting results from.

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Every week, I highlight marketing case studies, interviews, and examples that showcase real-world B2B growth marketing strategies you can use in your business right away.

Today’s Examples📰

Today, I’ve lined up 2 real-world B2B marketing examples that I’ve added to The Growth Archive.

What can you expect?

1. How I gain 5-10+ newsletter subscribers by distributing the same piece of content across different Facebook groups.

2. Lucky Number 7 (A psychological pricing strategy)

Let’s jump right into it…

1/ Facebook Group Content Distribution Strategy: 👽

Here's how I gain 5-10+ newsletter subscribers by distributing the same piece of content across targeted Facebook groups.

1. Find a Facebook group through unfiltered conversations with those who use them successfully instead of promotional blog posts.

You will often find more active and engaged communities using this method.

(Eg. I found SaaSWarrior through a conversation here)

2.1 Share a short version of your blog post.

Make sure it has a visual, Facebook group members love visual content.

2.2 Optional = (Comment 'yes' if you'd like the longer version of this post) to increase engagement

3.1 When someone engages(likes or comments), send them a DM with the following template..

"Hey [name], thanks for liking my post about self-promoting on Reddit earlier. I actually have 29 more examples like those here.

Thought you might be interested.."

3.2 When someone wants the longer version of this post:

"Hi Alex, you can check out the longer version here.. It basically explains the process in more detail here..

I couldn't fit everything into the FB post."

4. Have pop-ups upon 50% scroll or on exit for your blog posts and CTA subscribe buttons on the landing page, top nav bar and bottom of your blog post.

Make sure there are at least 4 ways to subscribe to your newsletter…

2/ Lucky Number 7: 7️⃣

I've been scrolling on Twitter to find any real-world pricing examples and I found some interesting A/B results from Nick, Fraser and @danielnguyen

Instead of the common psychological trick of ending your price with '9', they all tested out '7' instead and noticed a crazy improvement in sales.

$500 - "They just rounded that price up. That's too expensive."

$499 - "They think I don't know the old .99 trick! The price is 500 and they think we're falling for the 99."

$497 - "That actually looks like a legit price, i'm in."

What I’ve Been Researching 📖

A Viral Sub-reddit Growth Opportunity:

I found this post in a sub-reddit called r/tifu, where this person shared his story on how he made a mistake by donating $15,041 to a poor community in Bangladesh instead of a $150 donation.

This mistake then went viral with over 37k upvotes and helped them raise over $55,000 in new donations from the sub-reddit post.

I noticed that r/tifu has over 18.5 million subscribers and 16k users active daily which is 16x more than my most common distribution channel, r/entreprenur.

So I’m currently trying to find any successful B2B examples in there and also brainstorm on how someone can create a viral-marketing stunt in that subreddit..

Pricing Psychology Books:

Besides that, I’ve also been researching Reddit for book recommendations about pricing psychology for future examples and case studies,

The most common answers are:

1. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

2. Nick Kolenda’s articles

101 Marketing Strategies That You Can Implement With Clarity 📂

When I first started my B2B ventures. I struggled with clarity on what marketing channels to start with, how to use them effectively and how to measure results so I know I’m not wasting any time.

This led me to create this project ‘The Growth Archive’ where I curate every real-world marketing examples, case studies and interviews I find that are useful for my own business.

Only once I learned from analyzing my competitor’s interviews, case studies and social media presence, then I realized what worked and what didn’t work and I was able to generate tons of leads for my VA agency..

I’ve spent 1000s of hours researching and creating a gallery of 30+ B2B marketing examples, interviews, and case studies

Now I have turned this all into the only step-by-step marketing guide you need to build a 7-figure business and beyond..

Here’s an example of what the strategies will look like for you..

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