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Discover these 3 marketing examples that you can implement in your startup straight away.

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Every week, I highlight marketing case studies, interviews, and examples that showcase real-world B2B growth marketing strategies you can use in your business right away.

Today’s Examples📰

Today, I’ve lined up 3 real-world B2B marketing examples that I’ve added to The Growth Archive.

What can you expect?

1. Newsletter subscription page optimization
2. The ‘public roast’ Twitter growth strategy
3. How Exploding Topics uses VAs to self-promote on Reddit

Let’s jump right into it…

4 Simple Steps To 5x Your
Newsletter Subscribers 🗞️

  1. Insert social proof in your title

  2. List exactly what content they can expect every week

  3. Let them know that there is zero risk

  4. Finish off with a value-driven CTA

How Exploding Ideas Self-
Promotes On Reddit
Without Getting Banned.. 🤖

  1. Find a hot post that asks a question

  2. Find a hot comment that people enjoyed

  3. Agree to the comment

  4. Start off with the answer

  5. Support your answer using lists so it's clear and concise

  6. Share your personal experience with examples

  7. Integrate your solution with another one so it is non-promotional

Building a $130k Design Agency Through ‘Public Roasts’🗣️

Nick has grown his design agency to $130k MRR with a very smart 'public design roasting' tweet strategy that any of you could introduce.

How does it work?

Nick picks a Twitter user who is asking their followers for feedback on their landing page and roasts them by quote-tweeting it with his design changes.

Here's why it works:

  1. These tweets have longevity as people are interested in looking at past landing page roasts that are maybe in a similar industry or find something for inspiration as they all make for very different pieces of content.

  1. Roasting everyone who comments on his post.. this gives tons of free value for all users, so the engagement spike potential is massive.

  1. People ask him what his main driver of growth is and this allows him to quote back to an example of one of his roasts..

  1. People share their landing page design, tagging him to roast their page. This makes him seem like an influential figure because people are asking for his thoughts, allowing Nick to reach more users from their followers.

  1. Founders copying his strategy and thanking him for the inspiration..

  1. Then there are crazy people like me, creating case studies about this design content growth loop and that drives even more traffic :)

  1. He then talks about how much MRR he is making as a result of the design roasts which makes for viral buildinpublic content and therefore more MRR and more engagement on his design roasts.

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101 Marketing Strategies That You Can Implement With Clarity 📂

When I first started my B2B ventures. I struggled with clarity on what marketing channels to start with, how to use them effectively and how to measure results so I know I’m not wasting any time.

This led me to create this project ‘The Growth Archive’ where I curate every effective marketing strategy I learn for you too..

Only once I learned from analyzing my competitor’s interviews, case studies and social media presence, then I realized what worked and what didn’t work and I was able to generate tons of leads for my VA agency..

I’ve spent 1000s of hours researching and creating a gallery of 28+ B2B marketing examples, interviews, and case studies

Now I have turned this all into the only step-by-step marketing guide you need to build a 7-figure business and beyond..


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