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The most unusual word-of-mouth strategies that actually worked

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Today, I’ve lined up 2 real-world B2B marketing examples of intentional word-of-mouth strategies that I’ve added to The Growth Archive.

Let’s jump right into the first one..

1. Uberflip - B2B Marketing Software⭕

Uberflip, a well-known B2B marketing software, differentiates itself in the software space with a more relaxed and fun approach to its branding compared to the typical seriousness of the industry when dealing with other business owners.

They've fully embraced this with their pink branding, which is just hard to ignore.

Pink is quite uncommon in their sector. Something you'd rather see in the beauty or fashion industry.

All the CTA buttons on their website are pink, and their social media posts are pink.

Everything they do has to have something pink.

During events, they set up pink booths and wear pink shirts and pink blazers.

One of their most interesting items is their cheap, branded pink headbands.

The pink headband idea was an inexpensive yet distinctive promotional item that became one of their main word-of-mouth strategies.

They started giving them away at the South By Southwest festival to those who made it from the RSVP list.

People started sharing them all over Twitter..

And for those who missed the event, they came up with a fun idea for a follow-up email. They sent photos with the headbands to the RSVP list of those who didn't attend the event, along with the subject line:

'You forgot your headband at the party'.

This was a creative twist on the usual 'sorry you missed the event' email that other companies would send..

This innovative email strategy resulted in 150 responses from people interested in getting a headband.

From that day on, Uberflip decided to integrate these headbands into their broader marketing campaign, encouraging people to share photos wearing them.

You can say that it became a symbol of what Uberflip is all about and a conversation starter for 1000’s of potential inbound leads.

By September 2019, they had distributed over 30,000 headbands.

"If something’s stupid and working, you should stick with it." -Randy Frisch (Co-Founder Of Uberflip)

Uberflip headbands

2. WindsorOne - Woodcrafting🪵

A market crash left WindsorOne with a small marketing budget.

They had no choice but to come up with a wild and innovative strategy.

So they came up with the idea of putting "Call Kurt For A Free Shirt" on all their planks.

This initiative caught the attention of their builder customers, encouraging them to call in.

On the call, while organizing the shirt delivery, Kurt would take this opportunity to build a relationship with them and discuss their other products, give them a business card, and a ‘tell a friend’ form.

The shirts weren't just boring shirts either, they gave out shirts that had popular memes in their community.

This experience brought tons of new leads as builders started telling all their builder friends to call this number for a shirt.

They also got referrals from people recommending their products based on what they learned from Kurt on the call.

“Over the last 10 years, Kurt has received over 20,000 calls from all across the country.”

WindsorOne also encouraged builders to photograph themselves in the shirts so that they could feature these photos on WindsorOne's blog.

This blog generates thousands of visits each week.

So instead of spending $400 / lead, their expenses were..

“$25 per year for the stamp, 50 leads a week, and 3000 leads in the last year vs. 50 leads a month from advertising.

This saves $250,000 in advertising costs.”


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